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It features guest watching, social & OTP login, recording or gallery uploads, cool filters, 1-to-1 messaging and whatever you could wish for.

Short Video App | Tik Tok Clone | Dubsmash Clone


No hefty price quotes or big server costs/requirements to experiment with your business idea. Launch first and spend as you grow with time.


Even if you plan to develop the app further on your own, the codebase is 100% open-source and is easy for anyone to quickly catch up with.


Our company strictly follows a non-disclosure policy for clientele. This means, we will not share information about your usage of our scripts to anyone.

For users

Get the most engaging features ready to launch instantly.


Performant video ranking algorithm to favor verified creators and unseen videos first.


Dub popular music from built-in songs library or any video seen anywhere in app.


Insert cool effects into your recorded or existing videos using real-time filters.


Create intersting, appealing videos using speed control and built-in timer.


Restrict who can see or comment on uploaded videos using built-in controls.

Like & save

Like the videos you watch to encourage creators or save them for later viewing.


Built in commenting system to send your thoughts on the videos you watch.


Share videos with friends. Optionally add watermark over videos before sharing.


Moderated discover section to explore curated videos by the staff or administrator.


Offer reading latest news right in the app to increase engagement and user retention.


Real time 1-to-1 messaging built-in for privately connecting with creators and fans.


Followers and following system to show off fan following with the world.


Keep track likes, comments and new followers from the notification history page.


Personalised profile page to show total views, likes, verified status and other statistics.

For product owner

The admin panel is like a product owner's dream come true.


Track your growth with time using our informative, intuitive reporting dashboard.


Easily create, disable, verify, remove or manage staff users on the platform.


Manage uploaded videos and curate them in sections for discover page.


Manage news topics and fresh news articles will be magically updated at intervals.


Upload songs for users to dub and curate them into relevant sections to be easily found.


Acknowledge and act upon reports about inappropriate videos or comments by users.


Send anytime or schedule notifications to your app users and ensure engagement.


The admin panel user interface is responsive and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.


The app comes integrated with banner and interstitial ads from Google AdMob for revenue.


Prohibit profane or abusive language with automatic detection and optionally flag or remove it.


Automatically detect and remove videos that may contain nudity or pornographic content without manual work.

Technology stack

Our short video app script is built using proven technology already trusted and used by millions worldwide.

Short Video App for Android
Short Video Platform on Ubuntu
Short Video App in Java
Short Video Script in PHP
Short Video App using JavaScript
Short Video Platform using SASS
Short Video Sharing App with MySQL
Short video App with Redis
Laravel Tik Tok Clone
Short Video App using Firebase
Short Video Platform on AWS
Short Video App on Google Cloud


Below our some common questions answered related to our short video platform script. If you do not find yours, reach us here.

Unless you have requested custom quote (with extra features or advanced customisation), your purchase includes:

  1. Source code of Android app.
  2. Source code of admin panel and API.
  3. Basic customisation i.e., logo and colors.
  4. Single tenant installation on either of DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.
  5. Bug fixes & patches for 6 months.

Note: Our team will also assist you in Play Store upload and approval process if in case you may need it.

Definitely! The app and it's infrastructure is built in such a way to be able to easily scale to any number of active users. This can be done either horizontally (recommended) or vertically (the easiest) as it may be needed with time.

The CLONE word is just to give you an idea about the functionality of the script. It is in no way affiliated with the awesome, original product and none of the components are derived from source/reversed code the original products.

Security of user-data has been our utmost priority when building this script. Please find below some of notable security features the script has:

  1. No clear-text traffic permitted, HTTPS/SSL enforced everywhere.
  2. The user login and data access is protected by JWT auth tokens.
  3. Built-in API rate limiting for protection against DoS attacks.
  4. Full protection from XSS, MIME spoofing and SQLi payloads.
  5. Role based backend authentication to prevent unauthorised usage.

The script follows all recommended coding and security standards ensuring security of user data in long run.

In no event of time, the buyer of our script is entitled with rights to resell the source code of purchased products to other party without our permission.

In scenario where your company gets acquired by someone else, the rights of usage shall be implicitly transferred to the new owner. The same above restriction will also apply to the new owner.

The scripts you purchase from us are will be received patch updates (bug fixes) for 6 months from the date of purchase. You can also hire us now or later for doing updates/upgrades as it may depending upon your wish.

It depends on the infrastructure and scale that may choose to start with. Since we recommend horizontal scaling, costs would add up later when you have more users instead of initial launch.

Below is an initial investment idea, both one-time and recurring for you to consider:

  1. Domain: $10/yr
  2. SSL: $5 ‐ $200/yr
  3. Cloud servers: >= $20/m
  4. Storage & CDN: >= $5/m
  5. Play Store: $25

The above are the minimum costs that would accrue with our recommended initial setup. However you are free to consult and decide the deployment scale with your preferred technology partner. P.S.: Hire us if you don't have one. 😜


Basic customisation like colors and logo are already included with the purchase.

For further changes or re-branding for your app to stand out, please contact us here.

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